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Allison’s signature training style goes well beyond crunches and cardio.  She is committed to the client’s safety, the effectiveness of the workout, the achievement of the client's goals and a very personal approach to motivation.  She has a keen understanding of exercise technique and the rules of progression.  Allison embraces a balanced holistic approach to fitness, wellness and stress management.  She understands the key principles of discipline, adherence and consistency in
a successful fitness strategy.  Her strength lies in her knowledge, her ability to accurately read her clients, and her unwavering commitment.  She leads, inspires and motivates first and foremost
by example.

With this commanding mindset, Allison utilizes all tools in the fitness toolbox drawing on the best of weight training, group exercise, yoga, pilates, dance and athletic disciplines in her creative process. She skillfully combines:

            cardiovascular training  -  strength & resistance training  -  core strengthening
            balance, coordination & agility training  -  stretching & flexibility training
            functional training.

Allison works with a diverse group of clients comprised of men and women of all ages.  She also works with specialty groups collaborating with physical therapists and doctors when necessary. Whether training celebrities, executives, working moms, brides-to-be or models/actors on camera-ready deadline, Allison brings a training vocabulary to meet each client’s specific and unique needs and goals.